How do I care for a framed print?

A digital print should be cared for in a manner similar to film prints. Except that they have a much longer life expectancy. Your print will last even longer if it is displayed out of direct sunlight. We use glare resistant UV-reducing glazing in our framing. Glare resistant glazing allows the photograph to be enjoyed without the distractions of reflections off the glazing. Reducing the amount of ultraviolet light reaching the photographs increases its lifetime. Protect your prints from extreme temperatures and high humidity, both of which cause them to age faster. Never allow water to come into direct contact with any print.

To dust the picture, gently wipe the glazing with a soft lint-free cloth. If there is a stubborn amount of dirt, then you can wipe with a cloth dampened with some warm soapy water. remove any soapy residues by gently wiping with a soft lint-free cloth dampened with pure water. Dry with a very soft lint-free cloth. DO NOT rub or scrub vigorously.