All the Pictures

The links on this page will lead you to all of the pictures available on this website. Click on the link below to go to the index page of each album. Each album page contains thumbnails of up to 12 photographs. Click on the thumbnail to go to the proper page for each photograph. Some of these album pages may lead to additional album pages. Use the navigation links at the bottom of the page for those. We will always add new pictures to the New Pictures album below. So when you return, you can begin looking at those. Finally, some photographs can fit into more than one album. Because of this, you may see some images placed into more than one album.

Balloons (6 pictures)

Pictures of hot air balloons.

Buildings (8 pictures)

Man made structures in beautiful, natural locations.

Fauna (7 pictures)

Photographs of animals and birds.

Flora (21 pictures)

Pictures of plants and flowers.

Icon Alert (6 pictures)

Pictures taken of places so well known in the United States that they often are icons for the area where they are located.

Insects (3 pictures)

Pictures of insects.

Landscapes (22 pictures)

Photographs of landscapes.

Photo Art (24 pictures)

Pictures that began life as photographs, but have been modified using Photoshop. Thus they do not qualify as photographs to the purist photographer.

Sky & Clouds (14 pictures)

Photos of the sky and clouds.

Trees (8 pictures)

Photographs of trees in their natural environment.

Water (31 pictures)

Photographs of water in lakes, rivers, streams, oceans, waterfalls, etc.